Jesse Mitchell II  Rapper turned Christian rapper turn Praise and worship leader now a contemporary christian  recording artist.
Jesse was born in Lockhart, Tx 1978 to Jesse and Elizabeth Mitchell.  He began writing and preforming  rap music at the age of 11. Forming a rap group with classmates at Milby high school known as The Bomb Squad Syndicate.  Jesse and his boys would enter high school and city wide talent shows and blow away the compilation. Jesse would go on to sign with Top Rank Records in association with Lil Flip's SuckaFree Records. This would open up a door for more exposure and opportunities.  At this time Jesse was married with 2 small kids and both the house and marriage began to suffer. 
Jesse decided to quit his life long passion of music and dedicate his life to God and his family. But, it was too late for the marriage, infidelity had found it's way in through a opening of unhappiness. Leaving Jesse heart broken and full of anger for life. Jesse hit the road and sign a new recording deal with Beltway 8 Records owned by Mike Mo. From 2003 - 2006 Jesse was on the road touring, smoking, fighting, drinking,  & fornicating.  Not caring about life or anyone in it. One night while back in Houston down on his luck ,tipsy,  high and driving on 59 (s). His car broke down, now this wasn't strange to him it was a piece of junk anyway. What was strange was it broke down right in front of Lakewood Church. Jesse had never been there and didn't know where it was. About a month before Jesse had been in a hotel room drunk and partying with his homies and ladies from local clubs up in Omaha Nebraska.  That night while partying he made everyone leave the hotel room because again something strange had happened.  Someone turned the tv on and there was  Joel Osteen preaching that God sees you and still loves you and is waiting on you to come home. Jesse broke into tears and fell to his face saying God if ur real show me! Change my life bring my family back to me!  Leaving the hotel Jesse was beginning to change and decided to leave music behind and go to truck driving school. Now back in Houston he went to see his 2 boys but found more heartache and anger. This lead to that faithful night at Lakewood Church.  He knew it couldn't be a mistake or by chance. Jesse walked into the night service and gave his life to Christ.
Fast forward 5 year to 2011 Jesse is now ministering through Christian rap know as DatBoyJesse. 
With a new label, bride, 2 new sons and a restored friendship with his ex and her new husband. Life is complete and everything seems great but with success come a very busy schedule. Jesse's new wife and family begin to feel the effects of his over loaded schedule.  Driving 18 wheelers full time in the city and still covering performance dates all over the southern region. Jesse was back to that familiar place he was in 10 years before." Family or music one of them has to go" were the words echoing through his mind. 
Last time Jesse choose his music over everything and lost everything.  This time it wasn't a question at all DatBoyJesse was gone and Mr.Fed Ex was born.

Eventually Jesse had to stop going to church all together. Every time he would set foot in a church any church God would remind him of his calling. Like Joanna in the bible. 1st everything was ok but slowly Jesse began to back slide and old habits returned. Anger and bitterness begin to show them selves. Fights broke out in the home and he was very unhappy but learn to hide it from his wife and family.  Depression began to take over his mind and he began to eat and eat and eat. Gaining over 50 lbs eventually a lust for food became a lust for money, porn, and anger. Jesse was trapped in a dark place with no way out.  But God.........
One night Jesse was watching local television and saw an old but familiar face. It was his old christian rap buddy Von Won. Von had been calling and checking up on him from time to time. Jesse would mostly ignore his calls because he didn't want to talk about church or music. Von won was now Pastor Vaughaligan Walwyn but was still persistent and showed up at Jesse's house. He was starting a new church called Legacy and wanted Jesse to come help lead. Jesse told him he was done with that life and was going to chill. Vaughaligan never gave up and 6 moths later Jesse was back in a church for the 1st time in 3 1/2 years.
Now the restoration process began, lots of prayer, laying of hands, classes, leadership meetings, marriage counseling,  and just being loved on by the church community and the CT-LEGACY church family. 
After a solid year of renewal and baptism God place Jesse back in leadership at Legacy Church.  Eventually opening a door for a new album and restored and strong bond with his wife and family.  Jesse was ready to get back to old business and pick up where he left off but, God had other plans.  Jesse had been feeling the spirit pushing him in a new direction.  Praise and worship. Jesse had no background for this and no training , just raw emotions and a hunger from God. Jesse contact his producer in Oklahoma and receive music with in hours. With that Jesse declared war on everything that had held him back. Telling doubt, fear, low self-esteem, lustful spirits, greed, anger & doubt that Christ had made him......STRONGER! !

Jesse Mitchell

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