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           What To Bring To Class

CHL/LTC Classes

Ready to get your license to carry? We can help! Here at  Defender Ltc Courses we are certified by some of the most qualified instructors from the Uscca community. We’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe and qualified to carry.

What to Bring to your Concealed Carry & Home Defense Class:

  1. Your Texas Driver’s License (TDL) or State ID.  Note:  Military Personnel bring DL and Military ID.

  2. A Handgun: Either a Semi-Automatic or Revolver. Note: There are no longer any caliber requirements in the state of Texas.

  3. A box of 50 rounds of factory ammunition. No reloads please. (Note: For your convenience, we have all calibers of ammunition for sale here at the range. Note: There are no longer any caliber requirements in the state of Texas.

  4. Eye and Hearing protection provided at a small additional cost if you do not have your own.

New Licenses

You do not have to apply for your license before you take the class. It is a separate fee through the Texas Department of Public Safety and should be completed online via the DPS website . We will discuss the application process at the end of the class.

     Steps to Get Your Texas LTC / CHL

  1. Eligibility. Are you eligible? ...

  2. Register for LTC Class.


  4. Apply to Texas DPS. Click here to fill out

  5. the Texas DPS online state application. ...

  6. Submit Fingerprints.

  7. Click here to schedule and complete your fingerprinting. ...

  8. Gather LTC Supporting Documents. ...

  9. Submit Supporting Documents to Texas DPS.

  10. Wait. ...


You Are Your Families 1st  Defense

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